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Pressure Canned Chicken Stock

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My second foray into home canned chicken stock was much more successful than my first. My stock came out beautifully clear this time. Make sure not to cook the stock too long as it will get filled with minute particles and use a very fine sieve to strain it before canning.

I opted to use some Asian flavors – green onions and ginger – to add flavor to this recipe, but you can use white or yellow onions just as well, and you can omit the ginger.

Making your own chicken stock offers several benefits and advantages compared to store-bought options or boullion. Homemade chicken stock typically has a richer, deeper flavor compared to store-bought versions. You can customize the ingredients, seasonings, and cooking time to create a stock that perfectly suits your taste preferences, including reducing the sodium level.

Chicken stock made from real ingredients can be a good source of nutrients, including protein, collagen, and minerals. These nutrients can provide various health benefits, such as supporting joint health and promoting gut health.

The process of making chicken stock can be therapeutic and satisfying. The aroma that fills your kitchen while simmering the stock can also provide a sense of comfort and warmth. Plus, it is fun and rewarding to know how to home preserve foods.

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