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Instant Pot Spicy Chicken Thighs on Brown Basmati Rice

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Sadly, blogging recipes is not a career for me and, like most of you, I have to work full time.  As a dyed-in-the-wool foodie, this means that many nights we either go out to eat (which is too expensive and too unhealthy) or we choose convenience over taste and good meal choices.

I am therefore delighted to endorse the Instant Pot, which is really just a fancy pressure cooker.

This is not the giant, noisy stainless steel affair that your mother used for canning and jelly making when you were a kid.  I am half Argentine, and I have family stories from the 70’s of how dangerous a pressure cooker can be when you make short-cut dulce de leche.  The Instant Pot is a sleek, silent, obsequious appliance with lots of pre-programmed choices and capabilities — this is more like the Replicator on the Starship Enterprise.  (If you click on the image at left, you will be taken directly to the Instant Pot on Amazon where you can read its reviews and all about its fabulous features.)

The Instant Pot will make short work of cooking rice, grains, soups, stews…nearly everything, and it is a perfect option for a cold, January night when you need to get something on the table and your chicken thighs are not completely defrosted.

I got my Instant Pot today and within an hour of opening it, I had a very tasty dinner on the table.  This recipe is spicy.  If you do not like heat, do not use the hot sesame oil or the crushed red peppers.  It will still be delicious.

I used organic, boneless, skinless chicken thighs.  I personally do not like the modern chicken breasts which to me, are gigantic, dry and flavorless.  I also used Organic Brown Texmati Rice, which is softer than many brown rice and has a lot more flavor, while still serving up the fiber and health benefit of whole grain.

My husband and I both loved this recipe, and makes enough for a second meal in leftovers.


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