Creamy Potato Soup with Green Chiles and Cheese

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Soup is a great comfort during the colder months and the flavorful heat from New Mexico green chiles adds an extra punch to this recipe.  We order fresh roasted Hatch Green Chiles from New Mexico every year, but I recently found Hatch Valley Flame Roasted Green Chiles in a jar and they are fabulous, convenient, and affordable.  The Hatch Valley chiles are flame roasted green chiles are flavored with garlic, salt and lime juice, but the green chile flavor comes through strongly and they make a good substitute for fresh roasted green chiles.  (You can add these to scrambled eggs, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, almost anything, and they taste great!)

I flash blended this recipe because my husband just had oral surgery and chewing was not really an option available to him on the day I made this soup.  One of the necessary pieces of equipment I keep in my kitchen is a Cuisinart flash blender.  This is an inexpensive little magician that is great for puréeing soups and will bail you out if your soups or sauces develop unwelcome lumps.

Serve this recipe on a chilly evening with a crusty bread and butter for a simple, flavorful and frugal supper.

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